Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the dog breeds that are popular all over the world. People unfamiliar with this breed, and perceive them as live toys, but in fact, York is a real Terrier. And like all its larger relatives, is mobility and energy. What is the secret of the popularity of these dogs and only if their cute appearance was the reason that they are willing to make the people living in the cities and the countryside? We, Will, try to figure this out. We will also show photos of these wonderful Pets.

The history of the breed

It’s hard to say when in the County of Yorkshire, located in the North of England, there was a small gray-yellow Terriers-the Pied Piper. Drawings of them date back to the XVIII-XIX century, but most likely these dogs have been found earlier.

First York helped the peasants, destroying rats and mice in their homes and accompany their owners during their trips to the fair. Later, these dogs fell in love and miners, who used them as rat-catchers.

It took a long time before the dog noticed someone out of the nobility, but due to its original and cute appearance, the Yorkie quickly became popular as cabin dogs.

In the late nineteenth century they were officially recognized, and from this time begins the modern phase of the history of the breed.

PLEASE NOTE! Throughout the XX century, the popularity of Yorkshire then fell, then rose again. But by the early twenty-first century, these dogs were already in the top 10 most popular breeds in America, and, in 2006-2009 has consistently ranked second, behind only Labrador.

Currently, the interest in Yorkshire not only not diminished, but has reached epic proportions. In addition to the standard York appeared a lot of rock types that differ in size and color.


Like all other Terriers, York brave, smart and clever. This dog is a gentle and affectionate disposition, she gets along well with children. York is quite able to get along with other Pets.

On the street, he does not show aggression to strangers, but if necessary, always ready to protect their beloved owners or their property. In England about Yorkshire Terriers saying it’s a big dog in a small body.

Also, although Yorkshire is small in size, it is quite hardy and tireless in the games.

The pros and cons

Like all other dog breeds, the Yorkie has its positive and negative sides.


  • loyal to their owners;
  • sweet, affectionate, friendly;
  • smart, savvy and well trained;
  • these dogs can be trained to the potty or the diaper, which eliminates the need to walk with your pet in the rain or snowfall;
  • not aggressive towards other animals contained in the house;
  • easily find a common language with children and become good playmates for them. Yorkies do not require a large living space — they can live even in a Studio apartment;
  • missing molt and, as a consequence, problems with allergies to wool and flying around the house dropped undercoat;
  • York may travel with their owners;
  • if not to indulge, it is undemanding in terms of feeding.


  • complex and expensive grooming;
  • need quality expensive food, like other small breeds;
  • Yorkshire Terriers should properly educate and train, or they can grow hysterical and aggressive;
  • some Yorkies, especially the males, can grow cocky and stubborn.


The main advantage of this breed is that the standard Yorkshire more healthy and hardy breed than most other pet dogs.


There are three types of Yorkies, differing from each other in size:

  • dogs of the standard size;
  • mini;
  • supermini (or micro).

They are all very similar in appearance, except for the growth at the withers and weight. There is also another kind of rock different from the standard York the structure of the head — the so-called baby-face.

Color variations

Color standard Yorkshire two-tone — steel-gray with reddish-fawn. The head and neck to the withers have a rich red-brown hue, chest, and paws — Golden with a touch of ash, and the body, tail, and limbs painted in a greyish steel color.

But there are many color varieties of Yorkshire Terrier, among which we can mention the following:

  • beavers;
  • Biro;
  • gold dust;
  • chocolate;
  • monochrome black and white.

There are also hybrids of Yorkie with other dogs — representatives of the designer breeds.

How to feed?

Yorkshire Terrier in need of a quality feed.


If the choice is made in favor of the pet food brand, it needs to be at least premium (for mini and micro is not below super-premium) and be suitable for smaller breeds of dogs.

If a dog eats a natural diet, the feeding should be balanced.

Health and major illness

Yorkies have a predisposition to some diseases:

  • diseases of the ear, usually of an inflammatory nature;
  • diseases of the mouth and too rapid formation of Tartar;
  • slowing the replacement of milk teeth to permanent or abnormal growth;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • hydrocephalus;
  • Allergy;
  • a quick set of excess weight.

With good conditions and high-quality care York can live 15-20 years.

Size and weight

The weight standard of the Yorkshire dales not exceeding 22 cm and a weight of 3.1 kg.

Dogs not held on up to 2.5 kg are varieties of the mini, and those who weigh 1-1,5 kg — supermini.

Education and training

Like any dog, Yorkshire needs the proper education and training, without which his character would inevitably appear destructive traits, and behavior will change for the worse.


A puppy of this breed you need to begin cultivating immediately after the acquisition, and, special attention should be paid to the socialisation York should calmly treat other animals and to other people, you also need to achieve the unconditional submission of the dog to its owner.

Particular care

The main difficulty in the care of the Yorkshire is the maintenance of his luxurious coat, which you need every day to comb, and if the dog is not trimmed, cheat on curlers.

If the owner has no desire to care for the coat of your pet, York should be cut.

Wash the Yorkie is often not necessary, as it is harmful to their skin and coat.

The dog also needs regular cleaning of ears and eyes, as well as in trimming claws.

Yorkshire doggie decorative and house, and keep it in the yard only in the warm season. These dogs are very sensitive to drafts and easily catch a cold, so you need to protect the pet from hypothermia.

A sign that York is cold, is that the pet is shaking.

In the cold season York, you need to wear winter insulated overalls.


The owners of Yorkies who are planning for their Pets breeding career, you must understand that breeding small dogs is not the easiest and not the most profitable business.

If the owner of the girls, despite all possible difficulties, intends to breed, he will need to take into account that in dogs, the inheritance of the exterior is mainly happening through the males.

Knit the branch of York is allowed to the third heat — no earlier than 18 months. Binding usually made on the 11-16th day.

The gestation period lasts from 58 to 65 days on average. Born in a litter of usually 3-4, rarely 5 puppies.


It is better not to keep dogs of different color varieties, as it can lead to birth puppies with defective colors.

Popular nicknames

The most popular names Yorkies in the world:

  • Boys — Buddy, Buster, Bailey, Gismo, Cody, Max, Rusty, Rocky, Lucky, Teddy.
  • Girls — Desi, Coco, Katie, Lady, Lucy, Misty, Molly, Rosie, Tasha, Annie.

How to choose a puppy?

Choosing York, you need to remember that only a puppy guarantee its glory. Therefore, it is recommended to take Yorkshire the kennel or a responsible breeder.

The puppy should be healthy and, as Yorkshire moved into a new house no earlier than 3 months, already vaccinated. Healthy puppy skin, nose, ears and eyes, and the coat is soft and shiny.

Little York needs to be plump, but not fat although not skinny.

It needs to be active, moving and rather inquisitive. Excessive aggressiveness towards the puppies or the people, as well as the desire to hide away from all signs of an unstable psyche.

Summary and conclusions

The Yorkshire Terrier has become popular owing to its sophisticated but at the same time cute appearance. However, deciding to take this dog into your home, you need to understand that this is not a toy and that she needs care and attention.

Correctly well mannered Yorkshire Terrier may well be considered the perfect family pet — he’s sweet, friendly and obedient. And some of the difficulties associated with caring for them, more than pay for itself the selfless devotion and love that York gives to its owners.

Also, read the comparison of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Chihuahua. After all, usually chosen between these rocks, deciding to have a small, decorative dog.

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