Types of haircuts for a Yorkshire Terrier: pictures of hairstyles for boys and girls and how to cut your dog yourself

From Yorkshire Terriers’ long and thick coat that gives them a special charm and distinguishes them from dogs of other breeds.

The coat of the Yorkie, because of the lack of undercoat, not too difficult to manage, however, to preserve the beauty of the pet, the owner will need to exert some effort associated with regular washing, the combing, and trimming.

In this article, we will discuss how to cut Yorkshire Terriers and show photos of what hairstyles these dogs.

Do I need to cut Yorkshire Terriers?

Vital in haircuts no more – the charm and beauty of Yorkshire Terriers is a long, silky and shiny coat. However, caring for this coat requires owners a lot of effort, which is at least thorough combing several times a day.

If the Yorkies don’t comb their hair stray into mats, not only spoiling the appearance of the dog but delivers her physical discomfort.

Therefore, the vast majority of breeders prefer to clip Pets – this not only saves time and energy for combing, which takes no more than 3 minutes but also allows owners to show their taste and imagination through a variety of variations of haircuts.

Even if you keep the length of hair, the Yorkshire Terrier needs regular hygienic haircuts.

If we are talking about model haircuts, each owner decides to cut his dog or not. Most importantly, if the decision is to maintain the length of the coat is to provide adequate care for the pet every day on brushing it and, perhaps, winding the hair on curlers. You should also know that, if you do not trim the hair of the Yorkie, it can reach a length of 2 times his height. And, of course, be mindful of the need for hygiene haircut.

To cut yourself, or trust a professional?

To cut the pet can be both independently and with the assistance of a professional. Each of these ways has its pros and cons.

Professional grooming is the guarantee of quality work. In the grooming salon has everything you need for a comfortable stay there and the dogs and the owner, waiting for the end of the process, and craftsmen use quality tools.

You can also invite the master of the house or, conversely, to bring the dog to his home.

A significant disadvantage of a professional haircut – the high cost of work and the need to adapt to the schedule of the groomer.

The most budgetary variant – to cut York alone. While it can be done at any convenient time.

However, it is necessary to spend time and effort mastering the intricacies of grooming and acquire the necessary tools that are quite costly.

Types of haircuts

To explain to the wizard what should be the result of his work or understand how to cut yourself, you must know what types of haircuts are.


This procedure should be conducted regularly, starting at an early age, it supported the health of the dog at the required level.

Hygienic haircut consists of hair removal in the groin, around the genitals, near the anus, at the base of the tail, between the toes, underarms, ears and around the eyes, and trimming claws.

Yorkshire Terriers are in need of hygiene haircut, especially in the hot season. Restrictions on methods of cutting is not important – get rid of hair in these areas and to shorten the length of the claws.


As a rule, the owners of Yorkshire Terriers prefer to cut their Pets briefly, under the machine.


Based cosmetic or standard haircuts – the rules established by organizers of exhibitions. This condition is necessary to carry to pet were approved to participate in the show.

Beauty haircut represents the removal of hair in the groin area, armpits and third ears. In addition, you should remove the long tufts of hair between toes.

Remaining intact the coat must be thoroughly brushed and align length.


Conducting model haircuts are only valid for those dogs whose owners don’t plan to put them.

Model haircuts are no rules and standards and allow the masters and owners of York to experiment and express their imagination through the appearance of the pet.

The only thing you need to consider when choosing the type of haircut – the quality and structure of the coat of the Yorkshire Terrier.

To model haircuts are haircuts “under puppy”, an imitation of the exterior of other breeds, Korean style, etc.

What are the hairstyles?

There is a wide variety of hairstyles for standard Yorkshire Terriers and mini-Yorkies — for puppies and adult dogs. We look at the most popular.

For boys

When choosing a hairstyle for York-boy’s groomer, and the owners are trying to stay within the classic style, creating straight lines and keeping the forehead and the muzzle is short hair.

Often the owners of the Yorkie boys have no desire to decorate them with ribbons, pins, etc. therefore, hairstyles in dogs is quite short.

One of the most popular haircuts – short hair on the body, neatly trimmed limbs, “poodle” paws and head without bangs, are cut in the shape of a circle.

If you want to leave bangs, but don’t want to mess with tail for boys good option is the haircut “a La Schnauzer”, for which the case is cut under the machine, on the legs the coat is left long, on the face remain sharp cheeks and beard, nape and ears cut off short, and the head remains wedge-shaped bangs.

For girls

The owners of the Yorkie-girls with haircuts tend to emphasize the natural grace and sophistication pet.

The owner of the bitch just loves to decorate their dogs with ribbons and hair clips, so girls rarely cut the hair on the head.

The most common haircut for girls York “skirt”. It represents the close-cropped sides and back and preserved or slightly shortened the length of belly fur and tail.

Popular so-called Korean haircut, giving the dog puppet form. For this, it is necessary to cut short the hair on the body, and the woolen cover limbs and muzzle to keep the length and braid her bangs in a ponytail so that the strands hanging down the side.

Also, the pet can give the kind of Chinese crested, shaving the hair on the neck, body, legs and the face and keeping the brush on the tail, fluffy bottom feet and a maximum length at the crown, forming long bangs round shape.

In addition, bitches Yorkshire Terriers often make a classic top-knot and “French braid”, for which it is necessary briefly to cut the housing, retaining the hair on the back along the spine and plated them into one French braid or a few simple braids.

How often you need to mow?

How often to mow York, depends on how fast-growing the coat of the dog. On average, the implementation of the hygienic haircuts is required every 2-3 weeks.

What are the tools?

To cut a Yorkshire Terrier, you will need:

  • table. It is best to buy a professional grooming table, otherwise, you can cut the dog on the table pre-bed it is rubberized pad;
  • several types of scissors are straight, curved, long and medium length, small with rounded tips;
  • machine. It should be designed specifically for dogs, human machines are not suitable;
  • the nozzle on the machine. There should be a few – 7 mm, 5 mm, 2 mm, etc.;
  • trimmer. With it, you need to trim delicate areas of the body, for example, armpit or groin; different types of combs;
  • colonies and guillotine nail clipper;
  • the slicker brush is a special brush that is rectangular in shape with metal teeth, used for combing out tangles.


Mats at the exhibition of specimens it is impossible to comb to untangle manually.

How to cut your dog yourself?

Any haircut is based on accuracy and symmetry. Different areas have their own particular trimming and require the use of certain tools.

Diagram for haircuts are as follows:

  • ears. The third ear cut out in the shape of a triangle with the help of a trimmer or clippers with a nozzle of 2 mm, and then trim the edges with scissors to get rid of extra hair while retaining a triangular shape. Coat with the inner part of the ear must be removed;
  • claws. Using a guillotine nail clipper, carefully clip the nails, maintaining the natural angle grinding, and then to file them with a nail file to avoid delamination;
  • back. Shave wool machine up to 1 cm or 7 mm in order to eliminate all the excess hairs, you need to machine several times at the same place, without going over the line between the ears. If there are no plans regarding the preservation of the “skirt”, the hair on the belly also should be shaved;
  • neck. Machine to cut off excess hair, not touching the head and ears. The nozzle should be at least 3 mm. Hair from the front cut off before the start of the lower jaw;
  • chest. Holding the bottom of the dog by the head, short sketchy movements to walk from the middle of the chest nozzle 7 mm, then change it smaller;
  • stomach. If the dog has a “skirt”, the coat must trim with scissors, if the abdomen is shaved – head with a wide knife;
  • paws. Carefully comb the hair on the limbs, and then using scissors to trim it to 5-10 cm If you plan to shave hair from the feet, need head at least 3 mm;
  • head. Hair comb and gather in a ponytail at the crown, and if the tail is not, regrown hair on the forehead, between the ears, and above the eyes need to shave off the machine with a nozzle of 6 mm. Lower edge cut out in the shape of an oval, flatten the hair under the chin and tie the edges with the edges of the coat, trimmed earlier;
  • the hair on the paws and between the toes cut off the machine to a length of 5 mm;
  • the wool under the tail and in the groin area removed with a machine with a nozzle of 3 mm;
  • gently and carefully trim the hair in the underarm area machine to 2 mm.

How to cut the tail depends on the tastes and desires of the owner.


Before you begin grooming a Yorkshire Terrier, it is necessary to observe the master at work and to carefully review the training videos on the Internet on this topic.

Summary and conclusions

Proper grooming is an integral part of the care of Yorkshire Terriers and the main way to preserve the attractiveness of their appearance. Trimmed, well-kept York will delight the eye as well as maintain good health and mood.

Launched coat not only looks ugly, but also exudes an unpleasant odor, and hair is too long tend to lose the tangles.

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