What features of American Beagle: the nature of your pet and other distinguishing features

The smallest member of the family of hounds — a fun and friendly American Beagle.

Despite its small size and peaceful nature of the Beagle is a real hunter, able long to pursue their prey, stunning the neighborhood with loud barking.

The first mention of beagles are found in Ancient Greece, and the modern descendants appeared in England in the nineteenth century.

The ancestors of the breed we know very little.

The history of the breed

It is believed that a small Greek and Roman hounds got on the territory of Great Britain with the Celtic tribes there and were crossed with local breeds.

The ancestors of the modern beagles are probably Foxhound larger breed of dog to Fox hunting, while, as beagles are intended for hunting small animals like rabbits.

Despite the fact that it is a very ancient breed of dog, the standard Beagle was approved only in the mid-XX century.

Today beagles are gaining more and more popularity among breeders and buy a puppy of this breed is eas

The nature of your pet

The Beagle hound dog with wonderful character.

It is not only a good hunter but also a great friend and companion:

  • Activity. A vigorous and hardy dog that is difficult to sit in one place. A Beagle can spend hours to explore new territory. He cannot even hope that the pet will get tired and he can come home from a walk.
  • Optimism. Beagle is a real cure for depression. He is always the center of attention, radiates joy and positive and infects that of others.
  • The lack of aggression. Absolutely not an aggressive dog, gets along well with both adults and children. It poses no risk to others and because of its soft nature is not the best guard.
  • Friendliness. A dog that loves everyone. The Beagle will make friends with anyone, even with other Pets.
  • Curiosity. If the family lives a Beagle, then no event can happen without his participation. He is happy to join the kids play in the yard, run with the bike, they dig a hole in the garden, climb into the bushes to see who was there rustling.
  • Publicity. The Beagle does not tolerate loneliness. From depression, it can start to get naughty and spoil furniture in the house. Is a great friend who loves spending time with his family.

Beagles are amazingly friendly animals. I almost 10 years was living with three dogs in one apartment. I can say that several beagles together even better. In the absence of the owner, they will not be bored and chewing stuff in the house. But in any case, dogs of this breed need training. The Beagle needs to understand that the chief is a master, otherwise, it will begin to manipulate the person and absolutely beat off from hands. Beagles cunning and skillful use of its cute appearance and charming look. Few can resist them.

The pros and cons

Like all dog breeds, from beagles have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Calm not aggressive in nature;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Small size.


  • Stubbornness;
  • Loud barking;
  • The restless.

Speaking about the disadvantages of the breed, we need to specify to whom those beagles are not suitable.

Our kids need a firm hand, people with a gentle nature better to look at other breeds of dogs. Lovers of peace and quiet is also not recommended to have beagles as Pets.

Dimensions, weight and other characteristics

The Beagle is a compact, well-built dog without any signs of rudeness:

  • Height is 33 – 40cm.
  • Weight – from 8 to 14 kg.
  • Eyes. Large but not bulging, dark brown color. Look kind and gentle.
  • Ears. Long and trailing with rounded edges. Reaching nearly to the edge of the muzzle.
  • Tail. Direct the tip is white. Not bent and not wrapped into a ring.
  • Wool. Smooth and short, tight to the body.
  • Color. Tricolor — white, black and red. Sometimes there are two-tone animals, mostly white with red, rarely pure white or white and black. Required attribute – the red mask on his face. Puppy’s beagles color can vary, for example, leaving black spots on the ears and head.

Life expectancy and health

The Beagle is a sturdy, well-built and hardy dog.

You’ll be excellent health and a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years.

Beagles rarely get sick, and if you do the puppy vaccinations, the health of the pet is possible and not to worry.

If there are periods of ill health, dogs of this breed quickly deal with them.

The main diseases that afflict beagles:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • The curvature of the spine and the legs
  • Dermatitis
  • Glaucoma, cataract, “cherry eye”
  • Diseases of the ear

Care American Beagle

Beagle clean dog and does not require complex care. After walking enough to wipe the torso and paws of your pet with a soft, damp towel. Bathing your dog is recommended no more than once every 3-4 months.

Beagles have a short coat, tight to the body. Comb pet once a week.

Special attention should be paid to the ears. It is known that the longer the ears the dog, the more carefully you have to watch them in order to avoid infections.

For Beagle, it’s still relevant, because he tries to go somewhere to get something to smell and long ears are often caked in mud. Every day, especially after walks, thoroughly inspect and clean the ears of the pet.

Once a week should be washed Beagle eyes from time to time to clip the nails and to conduct deworming.

And the main condition care Beagle: a dog needs walking. At least 2-3 times a day.

Active pet to run freely and to vent his energy. These dogs will not be lazily lying at home, they need movement, games and the more the better.

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Feeding and nutritional guidelines

Breed dog American Beagle does not know the steps in food and prone to obesity. At every opportunity, the Beagle will carry off the table something delicious.

Because of this, owners often think the dog is malnourished and increase the portions. This can lead to weight gain, even with great activity of the animal.

2 months Beagle puppy can be fed 5-6 times a day, and after six months to move to three meals a day.

A dog was older than one year it is recommended to feed twice a day.

When selecting natural food, the diet should exclude fatty foods, smoked and spicy treats.

Be sure to give the dog:

  • marine fish
  • offal
  • lean meats
  • cereals
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • eggs.

Meals should be no more than a third of the diet. It is not recommended to mix natural food and dry food.

What is the difference between American and European Beagle

Subspecies of the European Beagle: French Beagle-Harrier, English Beagle and an Irish Kerry.

These species breed inferior in size to their American cousins. They are smaller and lower in the withers.

The Beagle Harrier exclusively hound, hunting quality which is brought to perfection (see photos).

Unlike the American Beagle, it’s not often seen at exhibitions, this pet is more suited to family life.

An English Beagle in our days is not only a good and friendly companion.

Dogs of this breed often serve in special police units and weapons identify drugs.

Kerry-Beagle – the first hound that hunted hares. These dogs are the pride of Ireland. Quick and bold, are distinguished by exceptional intelligence and exceptional hunting skills, but at the same time excellent Pets.

Different from American Beagle black & brown color.

How to choose?

Before you buy a Beagle puppy, you need to determine for what purposes needs a pet. If the quality is good family friend and companion, you can look for ads on the Internet.

Before buying you should pay attention to how the dog behaves: it must be fun, active and not shy.

The appearance of the puppy is important: the coat is smooth, no bald spots, skin clean, nose pink, eyes, and ears should not be any currents. Making sure that the puppy is healthy, you can safely take it to the family.

If Beagle needed as a show dog, it is best to pay attention to specialized nurseries.

Before selecting be sure:

  • To check the reputation of the kennel
  • Read all the reviews
  • To see the pedigree of the puppy’s parents
  • Carefully inspect the puppy for possible deviations from the breed standard.

Beagles today — one of the most popular dogs.

In comparison to pet, it becomes clear that several varieties of this breed differ from each other in size, color, and character, but they all share the excellent hunting qualities mischievous and friendly character.

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