Beagles are members of one of the oldest hunting breeds.

Nowadays, these dogs are not less popular than before. The only difference is that they are much less likely to use.

Such a change in the content of beagles requires that dogs were given extra time and special care to maintain their health and normal appearance.

How to care for your Beagle and what are the features of this breed, we will tell below.

The history of the emergence

The Beagle is an ancient and true English breed. Still, its origin is no reliable information. There are several versions of the origin of these dogs, but none of them received any confirmation.

The most common is the description of the Beagle Chapter of the book “low-born Esquire”, which was published five centuries ago. In 1650, the well-known hunting writer Blum created the unique abilities of this breed. He calls beagles, of the smallest English dog intended for hunting.

Brief description

Adult beagles are of average size. They are like Foxhound but slightly smaller. The legs of the Beagle is shorter, and the ears soft. At the withers rise from 33 to 40 cm and weigh 9-11 kg.

Beagles have an exceptional sense of smell, because of this they are often used for hunting rabbits and hares.

Dogs of this breed are a long and strong head without any folds. The skull is the hill that is visible at the first glance at the dog. The nose is black, but if the coat is light, then the standard allows for below the earlobe was also lighter.

Other external characteristics beagles:

  • iris color varies from dark brown to hazel;
  • the dog’s ears are long, drooping and round, velvety;
  • the neck has a slight dewlap;
  • The beagles are very compact. Back straight, legs straight, not tapering to the bottom. Also, legs have developed muscles, especially the back;
  • the tail has the bends;

the coat is short and dense, covers the entire dog’s body evenly.


The main features of the nature of beagles are cheerfulness, friendliness, and activity. That they are a bit similar to Jack-Russell-Terrier — another breed of dog, bred in England for hunting.

Beagles love children and prefer active games. These dogs are deprived of the dominant tendencies due to the fact that for many years contained in the pack. Very often they choose the leader of the child, so the breed can and should have for children.

Despite the fact that dogs are non-aggressive to other Pets, small animals, especially rodents, they could be considered prey. Even the cats, in this case, will have to be careful and from time to time to fulfill the role of the game.

This breed is smart and savvy, but she doesn’t particularly like taming, so avoid it by any means. Also, beagles are difficult to train to his place. They prefer to sleep where they like. The breed’s strong hunting instincts.

During the walk the dog may suddenly take off for anything, not listening to any commands, so these dogs need to walk on a leash.

Also representatives of this breed like to eat a lot. The owners often find their Pets, examining the bins or containers.

Beagles are smart and active dogs. They are not suitable for everyone, because they need a lot of attention and a very strict upbringing. Without it you’ll have a stupid and naughty dog, chasing cats down the street and up the house “on the ears”. It is a good choice for responsible owners.

The pros and cons


  • the lack of aggression. This is a very friendly dog that shows anger just for hunting or sometimes to cats;
  • beagles love children and are ready to play with them constantly;
  • loyal to the owner and give them your full attention;
  • due to the cheerful disposition of the Beagle can take the man out of depression or bad mood;
  • not whimsical to the environment. It is a suitable and private house and apartment, and the cage;
  • a very hardy dog. May be accompanied by Hiking or long walks;
  • clean and neat. Themselves can take care of its purity;
  • no salivation and specific dog smell;
  • almost do not shed, easy to care for;
  • unpretentious in food;
  • pretty subjective, but in beagles is a very attractive look;
  • advanced hunting skills – hunters will be pleased.


  • the Beagle is categorically not stand alone – it may chew things. If you do not pay enough attention to, will become aggressive;
  • it is very difficult to train. This stubborn breed;
  • likes to eat a lot and will do anything;
  • very energetic dog, than to be able to handle every;
  • a very trusting breed, which often leads to the theft of these dogs;
  • because gullibility is a bad guard;
  • due to overeating obese;
  • alone may get used to long and loud barking;
  • hiking is recommended only on a leash, or risk losing the dog;
  • suitable for children who are over 7-8 years, otherwise, kids just can not cope physically with the dog.


Experts distinguish two types of beagles:

  • English;
  • American.

They differ only in size.

Is on the side of the French Beagle-Harrier. Some breeders also believe that there are mini beagles.

Color variations

Beagles can be any color that has any hound dog (e.g. Estonian hound), except for liver (brown). Importantly, the end of the tail of the dog was white. The size of the patches also does not matter.

Beagle color has three main colors:

  • black;
  • white;
  • red.


These shades can make different combinations, so they include tricolor and bicolor.

Tricolor – classic color. It consists of three main shades of color. If the tricolor is more of white color, it is called “brilliant”, if black, then “black”.

Bicolor is known for its good color quality. The main is white, on which there are red spots of different intensity. Black and white bicolor is quite rare.

Features power

These dogs can not overfeed or be obese. So you should not give Beagle more food than normal.

Beagles do not give a sweet – chocolate, cookies, candy, etc., and also salty, smoked, spicy and pickled. This will lead to digestive disorders in dogs.


Do not indulge the dog, teach her to eat what you give her.

Health and major illness

Due to the long ears of this breed of dogs prone to diseases. So you need to be attentive to the behavior of the pet and the condition of his ears.

The beagles also have an increased risk of eye disease. This may be a “cherry eye”, glaucoma and cataracts, dysplasia of the iris.

In beagles may be, and epilepsy. These attacks appear with age dogs and arise from stress.

This breed is found in herniated discs. Of cardiovascular disease – thinning of the valve of the pulmonary artery. Diseases of the excretory system are the most common renal colic and diseases of the bladder.

Life expectancy

With proper care and proper attention, this dog will delight your family for 12-15 years. And it will remain active to monitor her health.

Size and weight

According to the breed standard English Beagle size needs to be 33 to 40 cm and weight of 10-18 kg. It depends on the sex of the dog – females, usually smaller males.

American beagles are a little larger than the English. Their height reaches 41 cm, weight — 22 kg.

Education and training

To begin to train a Beagle needs at an early age.


Should be allocated for training not more than 30 minutes a day, otherwise, the dog will get tired and stop to listen.

The first days you should start to accustom your pet to the toilet, labeling him a place to sleep and food.

Get vaccinated dogs. She was not shy, even talking on the street with other dogs (not stray). Get accustomed to his trips in the car, carrying. This is only a few times to take the dog with him to go.

Accustom your dog to the fact that you will from time to time to examine her to check ears and teeth, to wipe his eyes.

Autocyte from biting important things to teach your dog to behave calmly in solitude and not be afraid. Don’t let the Beagle mischief, if they prevent you or family members. Keep walking the dog is not lying in the dirt and not pick up anything from the ground.

How to care for a dog?

For all procedures, as already mentioned, aimed at the examination of the dog, whether it’s checking the teeth or ears, you need to teach from an early age.

It is recommended to brush the dog’s teeth with a special toothbrush every week. This will help to avoid problems with the oral cavity. Promptly wipe the eyes and trim nails.

Beagles do not need to frequently bathe. Do it only if heavily soiled. Comb the dog with a brush of real bristles, or use a special rubber glove the glove.

How to choose a puppy?

The first thing to pay attention to the puppy’s parents. If they are healthy, with a high probability with the puppy too, everything will be fine.

To buy a dog better at the age of 1.5-2 months. Look at the behavior of the puppy — he needs to be active and playful, not hide and not to draw the tail.

Take a look at the hair. It should be smooth and bald spots.


Mucous membranes should be pink, the nose is cold, ears clean. Pay attention to how the puppy moves, if he is not lame.

Also, keep in mind that at this age the puppy has not yet pronounced color. Puppies are almost black and white with a subtle brown or red spots.

Summary and conclusions

Beagle – great family dog and hunting. Each of the family members will find in it something of their own.

The main thing is to educate and care for a dog — only in this case, you will find an intelligent friend and Advisor.

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