Looks like Alabai: the breed standard, the comparison of growth in man, color options, description and photos of varieties

Alabai, or how to call this dog, Central Asia shepherd dog (CASD) is a big, bold, strong dog with a strong instinct of a hunter and a guard.

Alabais ranks 8th among the biggest dogs in the world.

Despite the impressive size and fearsome appearance, these beautiful animals look very harmoniously, and even graceful.

However, pent-up power that is impossible not to see in alabai, inspires respect, and even fear.

This article presents views of the Alabai breed, with their name, descriptions, and photos.

The breed standard

Central Asian shepherd dog is a large, beautifully proportioned dog, with the developed muscles hidden under a rather thick skin.

An adult male of this breed grows at the withers to a minimum of 70 cm and weighs less than 50 kg and the adult bitch reaches growth of at least 62-65 cm with a bodyweight of 40 kg.


Due to the sudden outbursts of aggression these animals are included in the list of dangerous breeds in Russia and Ukraine and are banned in Denmark.

To meet the breed standard, have alabais should be:

  • the strong, muscular body developed backbone;
  • broad chest, rounded ribs;
  • straight back;
  • wide and short back;
  • tight stomach;
  • short neck with developed muscles;
  • massive, wide head, almost square, format;
  • pronounced brow ridges;
  • the forehead is broad and flat, the stop is not expressed clearly;
  • the nose is straight, large lobe black or brown;
  • round eyes, set rather far apart, iris dark;
  • bite “scissors”;
  • legs straight, long, muscular;
  • the ears are small, triangular, hanging;
  • the tail is thick, saber, set low.

Alabai can be uncropped, ears and a natural tail, but in countries where docking is not prohibited by law, this procedure is traditionally performed.

The size of the dog compared to human

Size comparison Central Asian shepherd dog near the person can show to its growth at the withers, or when it stands on its hind legs.

So, the average height of adults alabais at the withers is at least 70, and most 80 cm, which indicates that the head of a pet of this size will be almost at the level of the knees of a person of average height.

Getting up on his hind legs, these dogs can be the same height as the host or even higher.

So, when the biggest, in fact, even huge, Alabai in the former Soviet Union, nicknamed the Bulldozer, stood up on its hind legs, its height was about 2 m, which exceeded the growth of its owner.

Character and temperament

Alabais are characterized by calmness, confidence, a balanced character, and a stable psyche. This proud and independent, accustomed to make decisions independently and is able to obey only those who will prove their absolute leadership.

Representatives of this breed have developed territorial instinct, so cautious and even aggressive attitude to strangers. It’s a bold, strong dog, who, feeling that they or their family was in danger, without hesitation rushed to the offender, even if it is larger.

Central Asian shepherd dog – smart animals, quickly storage team and clearly understand what the owner wants them. However, their inherent stubbornness, independence, the prevalence of protective instincts and a tendency to dominate complicate the process of training.


Without proper training and early socialization, these dogs grow up to be uncontrollable and aggressive.

With other Pets to get along only after they prove their leadership, and therefore, clashes and fights for the first time is almost inevitable. To a stranger the animals will be treated with indifference, only upon proper and timely socialization, otherwise, all the cats, birds, rodents, and even dogs alabais will perceive only as an object of hunting.

Representatives of this breed it is better not to have families with children under the age of at least 6-7 years. Alabais are quite tolerant of children, but only if they respect their personal boundaries, what not to expect from kids. In addition, a large dog may accidentally scare, push or injure the child.

Photos of popular types and their description

Alabais are a common breed, especially in Asian countries. And each of them has their vision of the ideal representative of this breed. In addition, the appearance of each variety of breeds varies depending on the natural habitat.


Tibetan Alabai — large, hairy and muscular dog, with harmonious proportions, moderately elongated body. Males grow to a minimum of 70 cm at the withers with a bodyweight of 50 kg, the growth of the branch is 65 cm, weight – 40 kg.


Are considered to be descendants of Tibetan mastiffs, which, after getting into Central Asia, began to acquire the characteristics of modern alabai.

It was a patrol, not fighting dogs, but they can stand up for themselves and protect the host. Have a tendency to dominate other animals can get along only if they acknowledge their leadership qualities.

Turkmen alabais fierce and independent, but also loyal, confident and have a balanced character and stable mind.

The Caucasian shepherd dog

Caucasian shepherd dog — freedom-loving animals that won’t obey anyone except the owner, which will see the leader and leader. They are much more aggressive and impulsive than Turkmen alabais. Do not need special care to live an average of 14-15 years. Height at withers is around 65-75 cm, and body mass 50-75 kg. most Often these dogs are used for protection.

Due to the high degree of aggressiveness to keep such dogs must be with caution.

Turkish kangal

The breed Turkish Kangal since ancient times used as attack dogs, defenders, and hunters.

This obedient dog, characterized by speed, courage, endurance, vigilance, distrust, and ability to make their own decisions, assessing the situation. They are good and pliable, get along well with other animals.

The height at the withers reaches 70-80 cm, weight 55-65 kg. the Coat can be gray-yellow or gray-brown.

Kyrgyz wolfhound

The breed is on the verge of extinction. These hounds were used mainly for grazing. It is a large, powerful animal with a thick and straight coat, can be both short – and long-haired. Have a calm personality, obedient. Grow to 70 to 76 cm at the withers with a weight of 40-70 kg.

Uzbek Buribasar

Compared to other varieties alabai, Uzbek Buribasar has a miniature growth, an elongated body, and an elongated face. Smart, flexible, restrained dogs.

Kazakh Tobet

Strong, tough, large animals, reaching a growth of 77 cm and a weight of about 45-65 kg. the Coat is rough and dense, for example, piebald or spotted color. Get along well with other animals, have a good guard instinct.

At the moment the kind is on the verge of extinction.


Siberian alabai — a mixed breed German shepherd and Siberian husky. A large dog with a thick coat. It is characterized by a high level of intelligence, sociability, obedience, and developed guarding and protective instincts.


These dogs are larger Turkmen alabais, are more bulky forms and are reminiscent of St. Bernard. Good-natured and restrained animals, good herders and loyal friends.

Alaskan (Malamute)

Malamutes are of 2 types: Kotzebue (wolf coat) and M Loot (the coat is black and white, sable and white, white and blue color). Grow up to 77 cm at the withers and weigh 55 kg. Friendly, smart but sometimes overly stubborn dogs.

Armenian (of gampr)

It is a viable, independent dog with short or long wool. The growth is 65-78 cm, weight – approximately 60 kg.

Alabai from Afghanistan

One of the oldest dogs with the subtle body, growing up to 75 cm and weighing 30-45 kg. the Coat can be black, white, red, blue and other colors. Wayward animals with a penchant for domination.

Photos and description of colors

Coat alabais can be not only white or black and white, but there are also many possible variants of its color.


Among alabais no albinos, even in the absence of coloring pigment in the coat of these dogs because of what he looks white, lips, nose, and eyelids alabais painted black or brown.


Wool red color can have many shades: yellow-gold, fawn, light beige, tan, red and copper-brown. The coat may be solid red or have white markings on the chest, belly, paws, and muzzle.

Especially interesting are the dogs with coat color, which is called wolf: main coat color, they have bright red or has a gray-brown hue, the hairs on the abdomen, neck, and chest are white, and the lower part of the forehead, cheeks, and area around the eyes black or dark gray.


The coat may be solid black or have dark brown, white or red spots.

The most common coat color of alabais – a combination of black and white colors. If the main coat color is white, black spots located on the back, hind legs and the top of the head dogs. In the case where the coat is black, white-colored stomach, chest and lower part of the legs alabais.


Tiger Alabai — the owner of wool in the color which match with grey, brown or yellowish-Golden color. On the back, the neck, the rump, and the limbs have dark transverse-mounted and meet in the ring on the chest and belly bands.

Many individuals with this coloration the hair on the muzzle is almost black, making it seem like they are wearing masks.


The brown color of the coat varies from brown to pure brown.


In accordance with the standard is considered invalid and silvery blue and chocolate colors coat, it is considered that the coat of such colors is characteristic of dogs that are a cross between Central Asian shepherd with a great Dane or a German shepherd.

Smooth-haired and longhaired dogs

Central Asian shepherd dog – the owners of the coat, consisting of 3 layers: a dense undercoat, topcoat, and guard hairs. The hair is thick and hard and dense and upright.

The area of natural living alabais affects their appearance, including coat length. Depending on the length of the hairs alabais are divided into two types — longhaired and shorthaired.


Alabais, living in the highlands, more massive, they have better-developed subcutaneous fat, and the coverslip hair in these dogs long, 7-10 cm long, downy. They have a well-developed mane and feathering on the withers, behind the ears, in the field of breeches and on the back of the tail.

Due to the low center of gravity, this dog can keep balance with the mountain crossings. They have a balanced nervous system, well-developed vestibular apparatus and not need constant human contact.

Long-haired alabai not required insulated enclosure in winter, they tolerate any frost.

Long-haired Central Asian dog circulated on the territory of Turkmenistan, but it is still not recognized as an independent breed, it is officially pooch.


Dogs living in steppe regions, lighter skeleton and high feet, they are flexible and have a smooth (3-5 cm in length) coat. Shorthair Alabai has more mobile psyche, he is sociable and easier to learn.

They have a wool uniform all over the body, shorter on the front legs and slightly elongated at the withers.

Mini-Alabai – a marriage or a separate breed?

Central Asian shepherd dog under the standard height at the withers (so-called mini), considered the married breed.

Such deviation can be the result of genetic changes, interbreed mating, the purpose of which was to obtain at least large dogs, or as a result of a lack in the body of the puppy are necessary for proper and healthy growth and development of vitamins, macro – and micronutrients.

However, small specimens, which are quite suitable for keeping even in urban apartments, are popular among those who like Central Asian shepherds, but to have such a pet does not allow a number of reasons.


As a rule, small (dwarf), the representative species, except for stunting, has other deviation in exterior and health problems.

Are the boys from the girls?

During the first 6 months of life exterior, alabais are identical in males and females and determine the sex of a puppy just by looking at him, you can’t.

When dogs reach the age of 9-10 months, their exterior differences are already pronounced. The growth of males at the withers is 80 cm, it weighs about 70 kg and has a massive and bulky body bear type large head. girl, in turn, has a more graceful silhouette, it grows to 70 cm at the withers and weighs 60 kg.

How to choose a puppy?

Before buying a puppy of Alabai, it is necessary to ask the breeder the age of the bitch and litter size. So, if a bitch older than 8 years or more born in a litter of 5 puppies, the probability of development of severe disease increases significantly.

You also need to inspect the puppy — if Alabai purebred and healthy, he:

  • smooth, plush, shiny coat without dandruff, bald patches;
  • clean skin without rashes and inflammation;
  • bite “scissors”;
  • mucous membranes pink;
  • clear eyes with no signs of souring and increased lacrimation;
  • clean ears with no unpleasant odor and discharge.


In addition, the puppy should not be bloating, excess weight or, conversely, signs of fatigue, parasites. It needs to be active, playful and inquisitive.

Summary and conclusions

Central Asian shepherd – one of the most ancient of dogs, is able to preserve its original features and appear before us in the same form because their formation was not applied artificial selection.

Despite a long history, alabais to this day remains one of the most popular dogs in the world.


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