Alabai has the world one of the oldest breeds of dogs, which was formed over thousands of years.

It looks like a large dog with an obvious temperament of the leader.

So how could anyone not tried, but see her cute little animal is rather difficult.

Another thing – faithful friend and partner.

A brief description and how it looks in the photo

Alabai has adopted many traits from their ancestors. For example, the average growth reaches 70-75 cm and a weight of 40-65, depending on gender. There are cases where the height at the withers of the animals reached 90 cm.

The appearance of the dogs has imposing. The jaw has wide, fangs big. Eyes are predominantly brown shades, the shape of a circle or oval, small. Ears drooping, small, in some specimens they are docked.

Chest animals have broad, massive with a well-developed chest. Among the distinctive features emit a high back, which helps a lot of alabai jumping. Movement dogs get stronger and faster.

In General it is the large animals of powerful physique, however, despite the external data about the animals respond very positively.

They are patient and calm, for them to analyze the situation, not to act rashly. In the family, alabais demonstrate an extreme degree of affection and loyalty.

Origin story

Central Asian shepherd dogs or alabai have the world’s most ancient breed of dogs that has been forming for over four thousand years.

Most of the time of formation of the breed was limited to the national selection, which exposed dogs hard natural selection, while the other to human intervention.

If the eternal struggle against nature and predators, tempered body and spirit of a dog, that people were attracted more to the development of working qualities.

So, for example, the home of the animals was accustomed to the guard service and the protection of the herd, and another thing – military clashes, which gave impetus to combat the use of dogs.

This breed is not only rich in history and heritage: animals carry the blood of the ancient dogs Asian fighting dogs Mesopotamia and dogs of the nomads. A rather big share kinship with the Tibetan Mastiff.

Central Asian shepherd dog and Alabai

At the international canine Association, both words are considered synonymous and are combined into one breed, the common name of which is “Cao”.

The word “Alabai” are descended from Turkmen’s, so they were isolated in various colors dogs “Ala” is a “motley”, “Bai” – “luxurious”.

Among the Uzbeks have their own variation of the breed’s name – Bareback that tells about the dog as the guard of the herd from intruders. A similar situation among the Kazakhs who call the breed the Tobet, paying tribute to herding qualities.

Interesting facts

  • Alabais occupy eighth place in the list of the biggest dogs in the world. More attention was awarded to the dog with a weight of 120 kg by the name of Bulldozer. This is a massive dog that when you stand on its hind legs can reach a height of over 2 meters. However, the large size did not interfere with the animal in everyday life.
  • This breed has many names: Turkmen Volkodav, Central Asian shepherd dog, Alabai. Each of the names in its own way characterizes the dog, but there is a more simple version of Asian.
  • This breed is capable of aggression, being uncertain in the presence of any threat. Another thing – attacks on the territory or the life and health of the family.
  • Officially, the breed is “Central Asian shepherd dog” got its right to impose in the classification only in 1993, the breed standard appeared even later – in 2010.
  • President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave Vladimir Putin on the occasion of his birthday puppy Alabai, who got the nickname True.


Alabais differ calm disposition and a steady flow of nervous processes.

Not rude or inexperienced, puppies of this breed since childhood and perform miracles of self-organization.

Such behavioral responses are fixed at the genetic level: it is level-headed animals, which are not characteristic vanity and anxiety.

Social instincts in animals are developed not weak: they are easy to swarm and find their place in the hierarchy of the family. To vagrancy and gathering the canine special passion.

The owner will have to work hard to help the animals ceased to drag into the house everything that gets on the tooth.

Alabais is known for its comprehensive sense of the owner. There are situations when aggressive attacks from them are purely territorial in nature. This is due to the fact that the Central Asian shepherd more than others respect the right of the owner and do not tolerate the invasion of other people’s possessions. Another thing – neutrality, in this case, neither man nor animal does not take attention to the dog more than necessary.

The pros and cons

The positive side The negative side
An impressive size. Difficulties in management.
Tenacious mind, a strong body, good working quality (dog-natives).In the present dog-the natives have ceased to fit into the standard with little growth. Sometimes professionals and not see them as Asians.
The courage and the makings of a good guard. Location.
Loyalty to other people and animals. The need for early socialization.
Expressive appearance. Various color palette. Albinos or alabais with weak pigmentation are often susceptible to disease and allergies.
Affection and devotion. Hierarchy. The desire to dominate.

What kinds are there

Almost every nation had his own ideas about this breed, it is not surprising that the appearance of the animal endured changes, adapting to the natural environment and the work of breeders.

Central Asian shepherd dog is divided into two types: native and hybrid.

Native species Features
Alabai Most famous and popular of breed among the citizens. Is small in size.
Caplong-bars Wayward dog who is poorly trained. Established himself in the role of sheepdogs.


Classification by site highlights the other three varieties that were not recognized as breed representatives.

Regional varieties (hybrid) Features
Caucasian Alabai Originated by crossing the Caucasian Ovcharka Turkmen wolfhound.
Tibetan Alabai Was bred by crossing the Tibetan Mastiff.
Turkish Alabai Appeared relatively recently, has no information about breeding.

Color variations

These majestic animals a large variety part colors from monochromatic colors to weave in various shades. The breed standard accepts any color except for gene brown, blue and black.

Valid options:

  • white;
  • white with black, red or gray markings;
  • black and white;
  • black;
  • tiger;
  • red color;
  • grey;
  • fawn.

One of the original tan colors is considered. It combines brown, grey and black colors combined with light markings that can appear on the face, chest, front and hind legs, throat and above the eyes.

Features power

The average pet should receive food 2 times a day.

The first option is a rough diet:

  • meat (veal, beef, horse meat) in the amount of 700-1500 g;
  • raw vegetables, fruit 300 g;
  • rye bran 100 g;

The second option of the diet:

  • byproducts (heart, tripe, lung) 1500 g;
  • cooked grits or oatmeal flakes 500 g;
  • 1-2 eggs;
  • rye flour 200 g;

In the heat dogs often refuse to eat in favor of copious drinking, so the portion size can be slightly reduced, and in winter, on the contrary, increase.

Health and major diseases, life expectancy

The life expectancy of the animals varies from 12 to 15 years.

In General, Asians are hardly affected by any diseases.

But from ailments they, like many other large breeds, can meet:

joint disease (elbow dysplasia and hip joint);


a heart attack;


Genetic diseases of the Central Asian shepherd:



diseases of the eye.

Perfect for keeping in the apartment or on the street?

To the contents of the apartment Alabai poorly suited.

The dog needs regular exercise and long walks that landlords, as a rule, can not provide.

Another thing – a large private house with a yard or enclosure.

How it relates to pets, children?

To children and other animals, dogs include friendly, supportive and sometimes patiently.

Largely because of those same human babies alabais not taken seriously, but because of excessive curiosity and obsession tend to regard as a childish prank, what can be said about strange dogs.

To the Central Asian shepherd is quite biased.

The first stage of Dating is often reduced to the evaluation of a stranger and the consequences that may immediately follow if the dog deems it dangerous.

Education and training

Central Asian shepherd puppies require early socialization and training is only a matter of time. Not weak in strength working qualities and animal instinct the dog may represent a significant threat to others.


The average education begins to engage 3-5 month of life, to precipitate the nascent desire of a little obstinate to bend all by itself.

To the owner of the animal must be, if not respect, then at least an awareness of his status as leader of the family. Otherwise, the dog will refuse to follow his will.

And, of course, plays a considerable role in the choice of nicknames, because it affects the attitude of the pet as the owner and others.

Particular care

Alabai is not capricious and does not require special care. The same hair rarely looks dirty and matted. Quite a few times in a week to take up the brush to avoid unpleasant consequences.

However, this rule does not apply to the shedding period, when the dead hair from the dog just rolls in.

In the examination of the ears, mouth and eyes suggest you follow the systematization and regularly to remove accumulated dirt with a cotton pad or a special tool.

To water, procedures to use not more often than once a month, and then after bathing the dog should be dried thoroughly with a towel.

The types of crosses (métis)

A cross with a Rottweiler. Different dominant personality. Often, owners get one of two things: a gentle, quiet disposition or a powerful and uncompromising leader at the head of the family.

A cross between a Caucasian. In this case, the puppies inherit the hairy coat of the Caucasian shepherd, the rest of Metis is not very zealous and takes over from their parents a little bit of everything.

A cross between a German shepherd. Gives light to the puppies that you inherit the best traits: courage and quality watchdog Alabai from, and the intelligence and obedience of a German. In appearance, it is a large animal, the color of which is predominantly dark shades.

A hybrid with a husky. If physique puppies often like the Alabai, the coat color of huskies. These Pets demonstrate a docile nature and are friendly. Fewer others are aggressive.

Manor with a Labrador. It gives light to the major puppies, but they are still inferior to the average size Alabai. By nature playful and energetic, easily find a common language with others. The color of the coat is inclined to pale yellow shades.

A cross with a husky. Most often to predict the result of this mixture is practically impossible. Most often these mestizos more than the usual take over of mutts.

How to choose?

When choosing a puppy I advise you to ignore too skinny and full of young, like those cute and comical look. The puppy’s nose should be cool and damp, ears clean and eyes clear.

Against the sellers, the situation is more complicated.

Many buyers face a problem when offering variegated pups, sellers focus on the ownership of these Pets to different species breed.

Usually, they do it cleverly: in an attempt to explain the difference between Alabai from Asian, they have beautiful biography and hard to pronounce terms.

In fact, however, hides the litter derived from a mating between the breeds.

An experienced breeder will not play up and honest answer that among Central Asian shepherd dog and alabai no other differences, besides the different naming. Therefore, when choosing a seller suggest a lot of attention to the fluidity of language.

Summary and conclusions

Many breeders speak about alabai as a great Keeper and consummate the guards, however, for most owners, these are loyal friends and companions.

And working skills and animal instincts for them no more than a bonus.

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