All about the breed “American Akita inu” owner reviews

American Akita Inu

American Akita – a colorful dog, conquer the world.

The love of the breeders is due not only to the attractive appearance of this breed, but they watch and guard qualities, love of freedom, and stubbornness, combined with the kindness, dedication, and love of life.

In our article we will consider in detail this breed of dog will tell you about her character, pros and cons, features, content, and other things that it is important to know the future owner.

Origin story

American Akita Inu

The history of these dogs goes back to Japan. American Akita – the descendants of Japanese Akitas, the original purpose of which was hunting and protection.

At the turn of 19-20 centuries. became popular a dog fight, and owners of Akitas began to use their Pets in these ways. For the sake of victory in the matches dog owners wanted to make them stronger and bigger, crossing with mastiffs and sheepdogs.

As a result of such mating, the breed began to lose the classic features of what was seen at a dog show held in 1914 in Tokyo. Then the Japanese Akita-inu was declared the monuments of nature, their crossing with other breeds is forbidden, and the work of breeders has been directed to return the dogs to their original features.

During the Second world war, the government issued a decree obliging the breeders to take their dogs for the war. After the war, US troops took several puppies, became after a while the progenitors of a new breed. These dogs have won recognition, the breed developed rapidly, initially called “great Japanese dog”.

Breeding between Americans and Japanese was not consistent and was carried out in parallel. As a result, American Akita began to differ from the Japanese and character, and exterior.

Officially, the American and the Japanese Akita, with very noticeable differences, were divided into 2 different species in 2000, when the standard American dogs were approved by the FCI.

Interesting facts about the American Akita:

  • The first owner of the Akitas in the US is considered the deaf and blind author and political activist Helen Keller, who claimed that these dogs are “gentle, cheerful and faithful.”
  • Plush tail – a unique brand of rock. Each dog it’s different.
  • Several hundreds of representatives of this breed were registered in the United States as a therapy dog, some awarded the title of “Therapy Dog”.

American Akita Inu

Description of the breed

American Akita – a good companion for people of any age. It’s funny, cheerful, good-natured dogs, loyal to the owner until the end of days.

The representatives of this breed stable psyche, they react to external stimuli and can be a guide for man.

Despite the large size of these dogs, they should not be afraid of – they never attack people, if the first does not show aggression towards the dog or its owner.

Wins breeders and the appearance of the American Akita – a large dog with a nice touch of fur like a Teddy toy and just made for constant hugs and caresses.

American Akita Inu


The American Akita is an independent, freedom-loving, but a quiet, gentle dog with a balanced character, making them in all situations you can expect dignified and restrained behavior. In a wanton reaction to external stimuli.

When training a dog it is important to display leadership qualities, showing who’s boss, or to achieve obedience and respect for the pet would be impossible.

Representatives of this breed boundlessly loyal to the owner, love his attention and care but don’t act obsessive, from time to time I need alone and quiet.

The security quality of the breed is preserved, so guests in the house they are greeted warmly, but strangers, who came in the absence of the owners will have a hard time.

American Akita good with kids, but alone with kids it is better not to leave a large dog can accidentally push a child.

Dogs require regular, long walks, followed by games and active pursuits.

If we are talking about purchasing your first dog, we should not buy an American Akita. These dogs are strong-willed and determined character, does not forgive the condescending attitude and weakness. To achieve obedience and respect dogs, you must display leadership qualities and show yourself to the chief, the leader. To raise a dog’s needs in early childhood, if you miss the time, the pet will grow an uncontrollable bully.

American Akita Inu

The differences from the Japanese Akita inu

The American and Japanese Akita inu, when compared, have some differences and features:

  • American Akita any color of the coat, the mask, sometimes you can find a completely white specimen without a mask;
  • Japanese dog smaller American;
  • “Americans” have a soft undercoat and a hard key cover.

Also, American has more pronounced leadership qualities and a penchant for fighting.

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

Accepted standard

Exterior per the standard:

  • head in the form of a triangle with obtuse angles;
  • the nose is dense, black to white dogs Pets small “blur;
  • lips taut, black;
  • the bite is scissors or lobster claw;
  • the bridge of the nose smooth transition to the wide and flat forehead is significant, with a smooth curve;
  • eyes small, in the shape of a triangle with rounded edges, the iris is dark brown;
  • the ears are small, triangular, obliquely to the face when you angle the tip should touch the upper eyelid;
  • the case of a rectangular format;
  • back straight, strong;
  • the chest is muscular, broad and deep, slightly wider pelvis;
  • croup is powerful, well-muscled;
  • the neck is broad and muscular;
  • limbs thick, straight, muscular, with strong joints;
  • the tail is broad at the base, slightly tapering towards the tip, high set, curled in a ring, a semicircle, or a straight line, adjacent to the back.

The ratio of height to length of the body in males 9:10, females – 9:11.

Adult male American Akita weighs 49-60 kg when height at withers 66 to 71 cm, and a grown girl of this breed reaches 61-66 cm at the withers and weighing 32-45 kg.

American Akita Inu

The pros and cons

Comments about American Akita meet both positive and negative. Some owner claims that they are not trainable, others insist that raising these dogs requires no effort.

While the representatives of this breed there are several indisputable advantages:

  • loyalty and devotion;
  • steady mind;
  • good hunting qualities;
  • cleanliness;
  • good with kids;
  • security potential.

As the dogs of other breeds, the American Akita there are drawbacks:

  • independence;
  • aggression towards other dogs;
  • abundant shedding.

Many can be less need for these dogs in long daily walks and physical exercise.

American Akita Inu

Life expectancy and health

Representatives of this breed is hardy and strong dogs, but the breed list of diseases they have pretty great:

  • allergies;
  • volvulus;
  • retinal atrophy and other eye health diseases;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • seborrheic adenitis;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • dermatitis;
  • intolerance to anesthesia;
  • Cushing’s syndrome;
  • pemphigus foliaceous.

With proper care and suitable living conditions, the life expectancy of the American Akita is 10 to 14 years.

American Akita Inu

Types according to the type of wool

Depending on the type of coat American Akita-inu is:

  • a truly ancient breed with a long coat that forms the “trousers” on the legs and the rich finish on the tail and the head;
  • short-haired dog with a double coat: coarse, straight guard hairs and a shorter, soft, dense undercoat.

Long-haired American Akita obtained by chance and is considered to be the result of the genetic failure.

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

Photos with basic color

In the table the characteristic of the basic colors of the American Akita:

Colors Description
White The coat is solid white, without a mask and spots. Lips, nose, and pads are black. The undercoat may be slightly lighter or darker relative to the base color coat
Pinto Option color, wherein on the main white background are spots of a different color. They can cover a third of the hull and Mora. Mask with no, or pigmented black or black with white
Fawn Dogs with light hair without a hint of yellow or how. Possible black mask on the face
Tiger Yellow, yellow, brown or gray background horizontally placed dark strips

Also, have American Akita meet the following suit:

  • silver-white;
  • silver-black;
  • gray-white;
  • tiger-white;
  • full-brindle (tiger-red);
  • redhead without a mask;
  • tan / white;
  • brown-white;
  • brown;
  • fawn-white;
  • black-and-white.

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

Care and maintenance

American Akitas are not suitable for keeping in an apartment. A thick and dense coat of these dogs allows them to live on the street in a well-equipped cage in the presence of the booth, not afraid of cold weather. Also, the city apartments of this breed will simply close.

Other maintenance requirements are collected in the table below:

Items Description
Claws These dogs need regular long walks, during which the claws themselves are worn down to the required length. Therefore, trimming claws guillotine no need
Bathing American Akitas are clean dogs, bathe them it is necessary not more often 1 time a quarter
Wool The coat is not inclined to fall at the age of shearing is not required. You need to comb pet 1-2 times a week with a metal comb. Molting takes place twice a year, this time to brush the dog every day
Eyes Eyes every day to wipe the dog’s eyes with a soft lint-free cloth. With excessive acidification of the eyes, edema of the eyelids, profuse watery eyes and constant need to go to the vet
Ears Inspect weekly. Upon detection of the abundance of sulfur, redness or odor need to show the dog to the doctor
Teeth Cleaned 3-4 times a week with a special paste and brush for dogs

How to feed?

To feed the American Akita can be as natural products, industrial feeds, the main thing – not to mix the diets.

When natural feeding menu pet should include:

  • lean meats;
  • dairy products with a fat content of not more than 2.5%;
  • by-products;
  • seafood;
  • buckwheat, rice, and oat groats;
  • the vegetables and fruits.

Do not feed your dog:

  • sweets and confectionery;
  • fatty meat;
  • semi-finished products;
  • sausages and canned goods;
  • onions;
  • pickles and marinades.

Menu for a week for adult dogs:

Day of the week Menu
Monday 600-800 grams of meat, 300-400 g of buckwheat, 400 g of cottage cheese and vegetables, 2 tsp seaweed, vitamin Supplement
Tuesday 1 kg of fish, 300 grams of rice porridge, 500 g curd, 1 egg, 400 g of vegetables, mineral supplements
Environment 800 g of meat, 400 g of cereals, 400-500 g of cottage cheese and vegetables, 2 tsp seaweed, vitamins
Thursday 600 g meat, 400 g of Herculean porridge, 500 g cottage cheese, 400 g of vegetables, a vitamin Supplement
Friday 1 kg of fish, 300 grams of cereals, 500 g of cheese, 300 grams of vegetables, 2 tsp seaweed, vitamins
Saturday 800 g of meat, 400 g of cottage cheese and vegetables, 1 egg, 400 g of buckwheat porridge, mineral Supplement
Sunday 1 kg of fish, 300 grams of cereals, 500 g of cottage cheese, 400 g vegetables, 2 tsp seaweed, vitamins

Natural feeding involves additional vitamin-mineral complexes.

If the diet is based on the finished industrial feed, the user should choose products of premium and super-premium. The most suitable food for American Akita: Hills Science Plan Advanced Fitness, Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Maxi Dog Monge, Bosch High Premium Adult.

Features puppies

The duration of pregnancy in the American Akita is an average of 60-62 days, the norm is 56-72 days. In a litter, usually 6-8 puppies.

Puppies are born blind and deaf, their weight at birth is 400-700 g – it depends on the size of the litter.

Newborn puppies are unable to regulate body temperature and can be supercooled to active growth, they need good nutrition, which during the first 3-5 weeks ensures a bitch. In 3 weeks they move on their own and go to the toilet, there is an interest to communicate.

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

American Akita Inu

Growth and development

Development from 1 to 12 months:

Age Male Bitch
Height at withers, cm Weight Height at withers, cm Weight
2 months 35-38 8-9 31-36 7-8
3 months 38-43 13-16 36-40 11-13
4 months 43-51 18-21 40-48 15-18
5 months 51-56 22-25 48-53 19-21
6 months 56-61 27-30 53-58 23-25
9 months 61-63 cm 32-36 58-61 27-31
12 months 63-67 36-39 61-64 33-36


The table illustrates a daily menu for puppy months:

Age Daily menu The number of feedings
1-2 months 100-200 g of meat, 1 boiled egg yolk (2 times a week), 100-150 g of cheese, 100 ml milk, 100 g of vegetables of 0.25-0.5 cups of cereal Every 3-4 hours
2-3 months 200-300 grams of meat, 150-200 grams of cottage cheese, 100-200 ml of milk, 100-150 g of vegetables and 0.5 cups of oatmeal, 1 boiled egg yolk (2 times a week) 5-6
3-4 months 300-350 grams of meat, 150-200 grams of cottage cheese, 200-250 ml of milk, 150-200 g of vegetables, 0,5-0,8 cups of oatmeal, 1 boiled egg (2 times a week) 4-5
4-5 months 350-400 grams of meat, 200 to 250 g cottage cheese, 100 ml of yogurt, 200 grams of vegetables, 0,5-0,8 cups of oatmeal, 1 boiled egg (2 times a week) 4
5-8 months 400-500 grams of meat, 200 to 250 g of cottage cheese, 100-150 ml yogurt, 250 g of vegetables, the amount of cereal depends on the fatness of the dog – from 2 tablespoons to 1 Cup, 1 boiled egg (2 times a week) The transition to 3 meals a day feeding
8-12 months 500 grams of meat, 1 boiled egg 2 times a week, 250-300 g of cheese, 100-150 ml yogurt, 250 g of vegetables, the amount of cereal depends on the fatness of the dog – from 2 tablespoons to 1 Cup 1-2

Rules of training

Training American Akitas require the owner not only time, patience, and persistence, but also knowledge about the breed.

These dogs are clever and easy to remember commands, however, expect their unconditional implementation not worth it. During training, remember that Akitas are indifferent to food promotion and to find another way to reward the pet.

Representatives of this breed do not like monotonous exercises, so it is best to teach them while playing and get to it it is necessary as early as possible in 2-3 months pet needs to know at least its name and the command “come!”.

In any case, you can not yell at the dog or hitting her is a sure way not only to frighten and hurt the animal but to lose his trust.

You cannot allow the dog to put paws on the shoulders or require games with a man – that all lead to the fact that the Akita will no longer see the host leader.

American Akita Inu

Whether you need grooming?

Despite the lack of the needs of these dogs in grooming, professional groomer offers a variety of treatments to care for an American Akita.

It may be awash with the use of expensive professional cosmetics, corresponding to the type of dog’s coat, brushing teeth, and even trimming claws if necessary.

Specialists can also handle the hair coat of dogs medications that improve its appearance, which is especially important for the exhibition of specimens.

Popular grooming service is the “Express-molt” to reduce the pet’s dead hair and reduce the amount of fur in the house.

American Akita Inu

How to call?

Below are the most popular nicknames for boys and girls of the American Akita:

Floor Nicknames
Male Aka ANTO, Kabuto, Yoshiko, In Her, Kyoko, Cava, Kumiko, Leiko, Mariko, Nikko, Takara, Taishi, Satu, Thor
Bitch Akin, Yuma, Yuriko, Hoshiko, Haruko, Fujii, Sachiko Miki, Aneko, Michiko, Katana, Ichigo, Tenshi, Chocó, Thor


American Akita Inu

How to choose? Boy or girl?

To minimize or eliminate the probability of buying an unhealthy or sub-standard puppy, buy dog better in a specialized nursery, where the breeders have a reputation and have a responsible attitude to breeding.

You should not buy a puppy whose:

  • watery eyes;
  • swollen belly;
  • there is excessive thinness;
  • not fluffy, dull hair;
  • there is a rash on the abdomen, hair loss, itching;
  • cough or diarrhea;
  • difficulty with coordination of movements;
  • malocclusion (allowed only “scissors” or lobster claw).

It is also important to examine the conditions of detention of dogs, meet with the parents of your future pet, to learn about their character and health problems, as it can be passed to the puppy.

The breeder is obliged to provide all necessary documents proving the pedigree of the puppy, as well as a veterinary certificate with marks about deworming and vaccinations.

If your puppy planned exhibition Karera, his pedigree must be issued by RCF.

Choosing between males and females should take into account that males are stubborn and temperamental, while girls are more docile and calm.

American Akita Inu

Buying a puppy in a specialty nursery to minimize the risk of acquiring the pet, not the breed standard.

American Akita Inu

Owner reviews

Below are reviews of the owners about the breed of dog, the American Akita:

Summary and conclusions

The most important thing that should know the future owner of the American Akita, these dogs do not forgive weakness. If you are not confident in their abilities and leadership qualities, it is better to look to another breed.

If raising a pet will be right and he will understand that a pack leader is a man, the head of the family, this dog will become your best companion, guard, defender, and just a devoted friend and family member.

Useful video

Review of breed the American Akita:

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