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Siberian Husky
Health Foundation
P.O. Box 282
Neffs, PA 18065-0282

The SHHF has been in existence since 2004 and we will continue our work through a partnership with
researchers, breeders, fanciers and those who share their lives with our beautiful breed.         

Fain Zimmerman is our Corresponding Secretary, Dr. Kathy Stryeski and Linda Albright continue to
shop for our store which will be updated with new goodies and I, Jeanette Saproni, will remain as
Treasurer and keeper of the store. Please welcome Lisa Douris from Unlimitedwebdesign.org as our
new web coordinator.

The past year has been quiet for us as we regroup and plan for our trip the the Siberian Husky Club of
America National Specialty in October of 2013. There will be a Health Seminar presented by the
Siberian Husky Trust and the SHHF will help. The topic is fascinating and will be presented by Amy
Snow and Nancy Zidonis of Tall Grass Acupressure Institute and Dr. Kathy on Nutritional Healing. Dr.
Kathy will be certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the time of the seminar. Our unique booth will
be there and Nancy and Amy will join us. Kathy and Linda did attend the beautiful National in Utah in
October of 2012 and collected DNA samples to be banked for future use in research.

We continue to answer questions from places near and far, from our own state in PA to across the
globe in Europe. Many of the inquiries are still on Zinc and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Cancer does
seem to be a major concern with all of our dogs and there are some very interesting studies being
funded by the Canine Health Foundation.

Please consider donating time with us to help accomplish our fund raising goals and presenting new
ideas for topics of interest.

The mission of the Siberian Husky Health Foundation: To fund genetic and non-genetic research that is
critical to the continued health of the Siberian Husky, to provide public education on health issues
affecting the breed, and to provide information on any major health problem that is emerging in the
Your donations to SHHF are 100% tax-deductible, as the organization is a charitable trust under the
guidelines of the IRS. It is an organization run by volunteers, so all of the money raised goes to needed
research and assistance for Siberian Huskies.
The Siberian Husky Health Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting
the welfare of the Siberian Husky breed in the areas of health and genetics, education and rescue.
The foundation is solely funded by tax-deductible donations under Section 501(c) (3) of the United
States Internal Revenue Code.
"Breaking trail for a healthy future for all Siberian Huskies"